What can a live stream of emojis from Twitter reveal?

This story is my journey through an assignment I did as part of a course — ‘Information Visualization’ at National Institute of Design, Bengaluru (actually it happened remotely online😅). The project was guided by Mr. Amit Kapoor and I thank him for his valuable insights and guidance throughout the course of this assignment.

The word ‘emoji’ comes from Japanese e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”). Emojis are popular nowadays. These are the tiny characters like ‘😂❤️🎉…’ seen accompanying texts in social media and messaging platforms.

‘அ’ written with ink using a brush on paper

‘அ’ is the first alphabet in Tamil lexicon.

I wanted to start using a brush which I haven’t used much before for anything. Instead of using colors initially, I thought I’ll just use the ink used for fountain pens to explore the medium of brush, in paper. When I took it I held it in my hands to do something, it just clicked in my head. I knew what I had to draw. It was just a sound to me as a child at that time; ‘Ah’ when read short and open is the sound of that letter. But it’s…

Making collaboration in music production easier

This story is in continuation with my previous story about the research and analysis done in the area of collaboration in music production. There I spoke about the research methodologies and the analysis techniques I used to find the pain points and opportunities for design.

The design brief

Coming up with a design brief based on the research is helpful to move forward and conceptualizing solution which focuses on problems. The design brief gives a preview of users, the problems, and expectations.

The communication between music producers and, musicians and clients is the key for good music…

Do you know that every one of your actions, even the tiniest, have a consequence?

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Are you listening to those events which are a result of your actions? What if you can hear the sounds generated by the movement of your hand over the space. This was the motivation behind when I started working on this project.

The first step

I have a computer science background and some knowledge of music, but still, this kind of project was entirely new for me. The first step I did was to search for what are the requirements. On the hardware part, I thought of getting…

This case study was done as a part of the “Systems approach to design” module during the Master of Design course in Interaction Design at National Institute of Design, Bengaluru, India, and was guided by Dr. Mamata Rao and Mrs. Jagriti Galphade.

The goal of this assignment is to find design opportunities in a system by collecting data by appropriate research methodologies and analyzing them to gain insights to formulate better solutions.

There is a story to explain the theory and concepts with detailed descriptions for the tools and techniques used in this course. …

Allwin Williams

Tech / Design / Music

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